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WoW Untangling the Sigil Quest Bug How To Fix?

World of Warcraft is a massive MMORPG game. In the game, which includes thousands of missions, some missions may have bugs. Today we will tell you how to fix the bug in the Untangling the Sigil quest.

When you arrive at the Torghast you can’t turn in this quest because Runecarver is not there. If there was a bug in your mission, Primus should be there. Even Bonesmith Heirmir says “This is the Runecarver?! Doesn’t look like much.”. It’s frustrating that this task is bugged. Because after completing this mission, you gain the ability to fly in Shadowlands.

How to Fix Untangling the Sigil Quest Bug?

When you got there the Primus must be there but also Bolvar is in the room with a quest saying meet him in Haven. Pick that quest and met him in the Haven. When you finish the quest in Haven, you can turn back to Torghast.

Wow Untangling the Sigil Quest
When you fix the Untangling the Sigil Quest you will be able to see Runecarver.

When you arrive at Torghast, you can see that the bug is fixed. You will fight with Jailer and you will be able to fly in Shadowlands when you finish the Untangling the Sigil quest. This bug is annoying, we know. But you can fix the bug quickly by trying for 5 more minutes. It’s not nice for a high-quality and big game like World of Warcraft to contain such bugs. We hope they fix this bug with the updates.

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