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Valorant Rank Guess Website

Valorant is a game that makes players feel the sense of competition in their veins with its competitive mode. Individual performance of players is also very important in these matches. While we might think that we can predict a player’s rank from their individual performance, some players’ gameplay and ranks can surprise us. Many streamers and YouTubers have started including rank prediction games in their content. Today, we will be reviewing a rank prediction site called GuessRank.

Currently, the site only includes rank predictions for Valorant and League of Legends, but it is expected to include newer games in the future. This site allows you to earn points by predicting the ranks of players you watch in 10 different game clips, and it can be really entertaining during your free time.

Valorant Rank Guess Website:

In this article, we will be reviewing GuessRank, a rank prediction site. The site greets us with a sleek design, and on the homepage, we are prompted to choose a game. We can select Valorant from this menu. After selecting Valorant, the site presents us with a random clip from a Valorant game. We then try to predict the rank by observing the gameplay in the clip. The rules are as follows:

  • For every correct rank prediction: 3 points
  • For predictions that are off by one rank: 1 point

We try to accumulate points based on this scoring system, and our final score is determined after 10 clips.

Valorant Rank Prediction Clip Upload

In GuessRank, you can also upload your own clips for others to predict the ranks. To do this, you need to first upload your clip to YouTube. Then, through the clip upload page on the site, you can submit the game, video link, and rank information. Once your clip is approved by the site team, it will be published on the site. This way, your clip video will also be featured on the site.

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