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VALORANT Prime Time Gun Buddy On Prime Gaming

VALORANT players have a brand new Prime Gaming reward to take this month. Take your rewards and enjoy your new Prime Time gun buddy!

Valorant has a lot of customizations to make the game more exciting. A lot of skins, knife types, cards, titles, custom animations and more. Gun buddies are one of them. Some gun buddies can improve your skin appearance. There are hundreds of gun buddies in VALORANT and if you have Amazon Prime subscription you can now get a new gun buddy named “Prime Time” on Prime Gaming.

Valorant Prime Time Gun Buddy
Valorant Prime Time Gun Buddy via Prime Gaming

The brand new Prime Time gun buddy is now available to claim through the Prime Gaming website. You better hurry, because after 28 days it will be removed from Prime Gaming. In fact, we can say that the new gun buddy is not very good. We can’t think of many skins that would suit this.

If you want to unlock and get this reward you must have a Amazon Prime subscription. Every month VALORANT add a reward to Prime Gaming. So far, some players have received gun buddies, player cards and some sprays and a weapon skin. Also in January, Valorant broke new ground by adding a weapon skin to Prime Gaming. We think that many weapon skins will be added in the future.

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