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Meet With Fake Mobile Witcher Game

Have you ever tried mobile Witcher game? If examples such as Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, The Witcher Adventure Game were not enough for you, now you have a new game! Rise of the Kings! This mobile game, which is reminiscent of the Witcher from the logo design, use of color and character drawing in the logo, is actually an irrelevant production that has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

The stolen mobile Witcher game, Rise of the Kings!

It is a known and unavoidable situation that mobile games advertise by “borrowing” characters and even logos from popular games. This game, which was shared on Reddit, was also mocked. There were also those who rightly (!) stated that the Witcher was inspired by this game in the first place.

Fake Mobile Witcher Game
What an original design there is no way reminiscent of Witcher.

Let us also remind you that the aforementioned update of Rise of The Kings has been available on the Apple Store and Google Play since March. In other words, the platforms in question don’t seem to care much about this “inspiration” thing. Looking at the logo here, it is clear that when you change the name of the game to Witcher 3, it will not look wrong. It is interesting that mobile games have advanced the subject of stealing material from known games so much and that both companies and the platforms where the games are sold remain silent. At least one would be ashamed to steal Geralt, wouldn’t one?

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