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How To Prevent Downloading Minecraft Server Map

Imagine you are working as a team to make a map. A random guy comes to your server and downloads your map and uses it on his own Minecraft server. There are good solutions to prevent these problems. If you want to get the solution to prevent downloading, please keep reading.

The solution to the problem is very easy. First of all, we will use the “Anti World Downloader” plugin to solve this problem. When we install this plugin on our Minecraft server, someone who wants to steal the map, it prevents them from entering the server with a map stealing application. So how? When this guy enters the server, he is automatically kicked out of the server. If you wish, instead of kicking the player, you can change this and impose an unlimited ban. In this way, your server will be protected from map stealers.

How Do I Install the Plugin?

First of all, you can download the plugin from the download link below. After downloading the plugin, you enter your server’s panel. You upload the file you downloaded to the plugin section to your server. After restarting your server, the plugin will be activated. If you want to change the message when the player will be kicked or if you want to set a different punishment, continue reading the topic.

You can download the OSZOAnti World Downloader from its Spigot page. This protection works between versions 1.8 and 1.16.

How Can I Change the Plugin’s Settings?

After restarting your server, a folder will be created. We will enter this folder and enter the ”config.yml” file. After that we will open this file for editing. When you open the config file, you will see the text I gave below. I showed you how to change plugin’s settings.


#Minecraft Versions: 1.8 - 1.16

# %p is replaced by the player's name
#executed command when player join server with WDL:
execute-command: kick %p &c&l[OSZOAntiWDL] &fWDL is not allowed on this server!

You can change the execute-command section. If you want to ban the player permanently you can change it to “ban %p Dontstealmymap“.

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