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How to make Discord Bot always online?

Discord 24/7 online bot making is very easy if your bot is ready. We need a VDS for the Discord always online bot. So how to make Discord always online bot?

The Discord platform is very suitable for bot making, which we call artificial intelligence for developers. There are also ready-made libraries for developers to use. You can develop bots with many languages such as Javascript, Python, Java, C# and so on. After you develop a bot, you can run it on your own computer until the testing stages. If you want to turn it into a 24/7 online Discord bot after these stages, you need to run your bot on a VDS server. Let’s get into the details of how to make an always online Discord bot with you.

How to Make a Discord 24/7 Online Bot?

We need to rent a VDS server for Discord 24/7 online bot making. For this process, we need to choose the hosting company that we see suitable for ourselves. Generally, we don’t need a very powerful and expensive VDS for Discord bots. That’s why most hosting companies now even have some packages for Discord bots. Let’s see how we can keep our bot online 24/7.

  • Choose a hosting company and rent a VDS server.
    Before doing this, you need to run the bot on your own computer and see how much resources it consumes. If it consumes too much RAM, you can rent a package with high RAM, if it consumes too much processor, you can rent a package with high processing power.
  • After renting a VDS server, we need to log into the server with the information given to us and install the bot that was previously running on our computer.
  • If you have successfully run the bot on the server you rented, your bot will now be active 24/7.

What is VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)?

VDS is the allocation of a portion of a server machine to you. For example, if you rent a VDS server with 8 GB of ram, the 8 GB ram of the server you rented in the data center will be reserved for you. This host machine you are renting is an expensive and powerful machine. It has a high amount of ram and processing power such as 128GB, 256GB. That’s why they separate them and sell them. These servers are hosted in the data centers 24/7 actively connected to the internet and in an open state. That’s why when you set up your Discord bot on a VDS, it will run 24/7.

Let’s leave you a note on the choice of hosting. It will be in your best interest to choose a hosting that is of high quality and has a really high uptime value. If you choose a hosting with a weak internet connection, your Discord bot may be disrupted in its operation. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to find a hosting company that is not very expensive but we call price / performance. So your bot will always run efficiently.

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