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Hollywood casino amphitheatre

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is a popular outdoor music venue located in various cities across the United States. There are several amphitheaters with the same or similar names, and they are often sponsored by the Hollywood Casino brand. Some of the most well-known Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre locations include:

  1. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre – Tinley Park, Illinois: This is one of the most well-known Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre locations. It is located in Tinley Park, a suburb of Chicago. The venue has a large seating capacity and hosts a wide range of concerts and live music events.

  2. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre – Maryland Heights, Missouri: This amphitheater is situated in Maryland Heights, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Like other Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre venues, it hosts numerous concerts and live entertainment events.

  3. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre – St. Louis, Mississippi: Another Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre is located in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. This outdoor venue hosts various musical performances and events.

  4. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre – Kansas City, Kansas: This amphitheater is located in Kansas City, Kansas, and is known for hosting concerts and live entertainment.

  5. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre – Chicago, Illinois: This amphitheater is located in the Chicago area, in the suburb of Bridgeview. It offers a range of seating options for concertgoers and hosts concerts and other events during the warmer months.

Each Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre may have different features, capacities, and event schedules, but they all provide a platform for hosting outdoor concerts and live entertainment. These venues are typically popular destinations for music enthusiasts during the summer concert season. If you are interested in attending events at a specific Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, I recommend checking the official website or ticketing platforms for that specific location for information on upcoming events and ticket availability.

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