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4 Options For A Luxurious Spa Vacation In Europe

Planning a European spa vacation gives you a chance to relax and unwind while enjoying plush accommodations. By finding a place that includes everything you’re looking for in a single location, you know that once you check in, you won’t have to worry about transportation until it’s time for you to go home. 

There are several things that you need to check if you’re planning this type of vacation. You need to look at the accommodations available, the food that’s offered, and what types of spa services you can enjoy. 

SÄRÖHUS Hotel & Spa

The SÄRÖHUS Hotel & Spa is more than just a hotel with a spa attached. You can find high-quality spa services, including facials, salty footbaths, and other services at this location. Spa packages include a meal, which is prepared by the in-house chef. A snack buffet at the bar is provided in the afternoon, and sparkling wine is offered there on the weekends. 

There’s plenty more to do here when you aren’t in the spa. This destination also offers golf and hiking packages for those who want to enjoy time outdoors. You can also spend time relaxing by the sea. Families are welcome here, and there are activities for the children. 

Sola Strand Hotel

Enjoy your days overlooking the North Sea in a relaxing atmosphere at Sola Strand Hotel. Whether you’re single, a couple, or a family, there’s something to do here. Children can enjoy their day’s boogie boarding or surfing. Other activities are also possible. Chef-inspired meals featuring local ingredients are sure to delight you during your stay.

The luxurious spa provides ample opportunities for parents to relax and unwind. The spa includes a cold water pool, foot baths, saunas, a swimming pool, and eight treatment rooms. Mineralizing therapy baths, classic facials, and more are overseen by experienced spa therapists. 

Bohusgården Hotel & Conference

Bohusgården Hotel & Conference offers a variety of spa packages that allow you to enjoy the spa to your own delight. These all include access to the pool and luxury accommodations so you can continue to feel refreshed even when you aren’t receiving spa services. 

This hotel is located in Uddevalla, which is a beautiful place to venture out during the day or into the evening. You can enjoy local sites around your spa schedule. 

Grand Hotel Stockholm

Located on the waterfront across from Gamla Stan and Stockholm Castle, Grand Hotel Stockholm has been delighting guests since 1874. Nordic Spa & Fitness is associated with this hotel and provides a variety of services for guests. You can enjoy a classic Swedish massage, work out with a personal trainer, have an adjustment by a chiropractor, or enjoy time in the spa. Beauty treatments and Chinese medicine therapies are also offered at this spa.

When you aren’t in the spa, you can dine on delectable meals, such as a Swedish smorgasbord, a crawfish buffet, or the champagne bar. You can also spend time relaxing in your suite, which comes complete with luxurious beds, slippers, and silk dressing gowns. You can even order room service if you don’t want to get dressed because you’re too comfortable. 

Book Your Stay Early

Spa vacation destinations usually fill up early, so it’s best to book your stay as soon as you have the dates you know you’ll travel. This also provides you with ample time to plan the trip so you can ensure that you’re able to do the activities you want to get done while you’re there. You won’t have as much stress when you plan early because you won’t have to rush to get everything together at the last minute before you leave.

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