Online Dating: What to Write to a Girl to Keep Her Interested

Men sometimes find it difficult to break the ice with females, whether they met online, at a bar, or through mutual friends. Greater men, with more money, better looks, and intellect all come up short with words to speak. This is a natural thing, and sometimes these men can end up heartbroken. When you join online dating, things may not always seem better.

Default Messages

Some sites incorporate preset messages used as ice-breakers. Though it may seem cool to begin communication with one click, it is corny. This is noticeable after an review shows the ladies therein aren’t impressed. Using one-liners found online is a no-no at all costs. There are several tips and tricks, tried, tested, and proven to work in ice-breaking. So what should you write to a girl to have her fall in love with you?

Focus on Profiles

Keep tabs on their profile information, especially focusing on preferences and pictures. Take time to analyze photos she listed as favorites. If these have lots of likes, from other members, find something good to comment on them. This should not be a lewd comment. If anything, pick out a specific physical trait that is exceptionally alluring. Mentioning it and how much you admire that about her. Avoid mentioning butts and other sexual references.


Focus on neutral jokes and nothing lewd or offensive. It means coming up with funny one-liners or picking out something from topical issues. Avoid joking about religion and political matters at all costs, but joking about you can work. It means you aren’t offended nor are you uptight regarding your mishaps. It is important to have a sense of humor to separate you from thousands of men hitting on the same ladies online. Keep things fun to maintain rapport and interest.


Avoid these at all costs. Never quote something overused in movies or one-liners from your favorite action movie. These lines show a lack of creativity and make you seem corny. If need be, borrow lines from a trusted friend. It might seem too much to ask, but better a friend laughing than her calling you corny. If need be, check out AnastasiaDate and see what others experienced. It will help you decide what approaches to use on the ladies.

Self Reveal

Talk about yourself before meeting up, and focus on the positives. Do not lie and only send messages about what might interest her. If she asks for pics, forward those, and if she doesn’t, focus on texting. Ladies prefer men with humor and honesty. She might sense you are lying and ghost you immediately. Self-revealing also shows you have nothing to hide. Texting her immediately she asks something means you aren’t thinking up a story. Authenticity is the key.

What to Avoid in Messaging

We sometimes focus too much on what needs to be done and ignore the red flags regarding what to avoid. Here are some tips on what to avoid doing while communicating with a girl; at all costs.

  • Do not use shorthand or excessive shortening of words. This is cool in high school, but when all grown up, it shows laziness. If you wish her a happy birthday, be sure to write it out in full, not HBD.
  • Being curt is worse than shorthand texting. Always answering with a simple no yes or maybe is boring and can be quite annoying. However, the opposite, which is oversharing and writing too much, can be annoying too. Have a balance and she will reciprocate.
  • Aside from what to write, another crucial aspect of messaging a girl is time. Focus on sending messages during the day, not in the wee hours of the night or morning. Pay attention to the early morning hours when she’s getting out of bed, and later as she goes to rest. 

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