5 Worst Food for eyes and vision – Know what’s helpful

Worst Food for eyes and vision You wake up every morning by the pleasant sound of your alarm clock. Rush to the office and set the mechanical clock of your body to work and put it to rest as the day ends. The next day the same cycle repeats. Every day is just the same for everyone. You are stuck on your computer, your phone, or sometimes you meet and greet new people. 

In any way, you are busy as the sun rises and sets. In the midst of all this, your eyes hurt every day from staring at the computer. And sometimes, you unknowingly damage your eyesight by eating foods that are not so good for you.

You can wear blue-light-blocking glasses to aid your eyes when working on computers. Or you can get laser surgery to get your perfect vision back, but your unhealthy diet can jeopardize your eyesight again. You will need to switch to better alternatives.

Food toppings

Yeah, those creamy, cheesy toppings on your pizza or mayonnaise on your pasta or salad dressing on your very healthy salad are very rich in fat content and not at all good for your eyes. These foods are too rich in fat. Consuming them in a high amount is dangerous for your cholesterol and your eyes. 

This food may add taste to your otherwise not palatable food. But consuming it in a high quantity and with almost everything is a sure way to deteriorate your eyesight. If you want to keep your eyes healthy, try not to add mayonnaise or cheese to your food. You can add green leafy vegetables and other fruit and vegetable toppings to your food. Add more vitamin A, C, E enrich fruit and vegetables on your food as toppings or dressings.

Try less mayonnaise and more zucchini, lemon scallops, mushrooms for your pasta. It may taste a little less mayonnaise-ey but more healthy.

White or plain coloured foods

Your carbohydrate-rich food like white bread, rice, flour tortillas only provide energy to your body and have no additional nutritional benefit. You should not entirely avoid eating this food. But reduce the amount of food intake. If you eat 10- 20 burgers a day, you know you are eating way too many. These energy and carbohydrate-filled foods turn into fats, add to your cholesterol problem, contribute to heart diseases, and weaken your eyesight.

Try adding vegetables or mixed grains to your diet. You can add hemp seeds or other omega-3 rich food like fish and fish oil. Add more seafood to your diet along with your regular bread or rice. Balance your diet so that you don’t lack any nutrients. Doing this will ensure your good eyesight for a long. Proper glasses with high-quality protective coatings also help in ensuring your working eyesight for long. Buy online glasses with high-quality lenses.


Should you opt for an entirely vegan diet? Probably not. There are many praises about vegan diets. However, it is not a balanced diet. And most meat lovers cannot leave their favorite food ever anyway. Most vegetarians do not get vitamin B in their diet, which is present in most meats and eggs. So eating meat is good but not the preserved red meat that you buy from the deli. 

Most of the meat you buy from convenience stores is preserved chemically, is rich in fats, salts, and cholesterol. You can shift to eating lean meats like turkey rich in zinc. You can try out fish and seafood rich in omega-3. 

Saturated Fats

Just say no fast food. Or limit how much you go to your fast food joint. Eating the mouth-watering french fries along with your king-size burger could be delightful, heart-filling, but not so much for your eyes. Your habit of eating junk and unhealthy food can deteriorate your vision. A pair of cheap prescription glasses can help in correcting your vision. You can carry on with your regular activities, but your unhealthy diet will affect your eyes and body in the long run.


Margarine is a cheaper alternative for butter but not exactly healthy. It is rich in trans fats. Opt for other healthy oils like olive oils, coconut oil, or avocados. 

Avoiding unhealthy food is good as eating healthy and nutritious food. With a balanced and healthy diet, you can keep your body healthy and your eyes too.


Get a comprehensive eye test done every two years to know the condition of your eyes. If your eyesight is deteriorating a lot, get proper prescription glasses and adopt a healthy diet. You can search for online glasses that can help in protecting your vision. Online glasses like anti-glare glasses, blue light blocking glasses, or transition glasses protect your eyesight for the long run, but a healthy diet will ensure your vision stays good even longer.

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