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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Android Application?

Boy, we do get this question a lot – How much does it cost to make an Android app?

There are apps to take care of almost every day-to-day activity; From shopping to travel to reminders to calming apps – there is an app for literally everything.

Moreover, after the advent of smartphones, the usage of Android apps has increased significantly. This is why businesses out there are investing a lot in building apps of their own. But exactly what does it take to do so and how much will it cost?

Before you jump on to Android app development, the very first thing you need to consider is how much does it cost. The answer depends upon several factors. There is no generalized price and the stakeholder needs to take different factors into account before deciding the app price.

If you are planning on getting an app but having a tough time setting the budget, then this post is for you.

In this post, we’ve reviewed the costs of developing an Android app by covering all cost-related factors like the type of app, complexity and app features.

Factors That Determine App Development Cost

[App Cost = Development Time * Features * Hourly Rate]

Once you set out to develop an app, no one would be able to inform you of the development costs right off the bat. 

The company or freelancers you hire would have to analyze your requirements first. More or less, an app development cost breakdown depends on the following factors:

Android app
  • The platform you wish to run your app on

There are two ways to develop your android app – Native or Hybrid. Deciding which platform, to begin with, is the very first step towards building your dream app. 

Native App Development; If you wish to develop your app only for the Android platform, native is your choice of platform. The platform is best when it comes to developing a feature-rich app. High performance, speed, personalization and reliability – A native platform offers it all to give your app an enriched user experience. You can customize and add all the features you want. But do note that with all the benefits comes added cost. It also takes time to build a native app.

Hybrid App Development; If you want to target multiple platforms and launch your app on both Google and App store, this platform is the apt choice. Hybrid works on the theory of code once and runs anywhere. Though this platform provides speedy development and cost-effectiveness, the performance and the speed are not as good as the native platform. You also cannot customize the app as much as a native platform.

So, be clear of requirements to see which platform fits it properly.

  • Features & functionality

Before you get all prepared to take off, understand the features and functions you’re about to incorporate as they have a substantial impact on the cost of mobile app development. 

Since functionality and the number of features are the key cost drivers in app development, figuring everything (buttons, screens, fields involved, etc.) out is of utmost importance.  

Some features can be significantly lengthy whereas some are comparatively short and simple. 

  • Complexity 

The more the complexity, the higher the cost and build time will be! The average cost of developing an app depends on the complexity of features and functionalities it comprises.

The simplicity of an app includes some easy to implement functions such as standard and platform-specific elements that take less time. Add-ons customized elements and complex design requires more effort and affects the cost of the app.

According to the estimate:

  • A simple app with basic functionality costs around $10k and takes up to two months to build.
  • A complex app will cost about $20 – 25k and up to 4 to 5 months to build.
  • A high complexity app with an extensive database can cost up to $40k and take 6 to 7 months to build.
  • Type of app

Different types of apps are priced at varying levels. Hence it is important to clearly identify the category your app is going to have. According to Statista, the most popular app categories in the app store includes-

  • On-demand apps

On-demand applications solely focus on fulfilling the daily needs of users via online ordering. Such kinds of apps require a lot of work in integrating a set of APIs, logistics, communication components, navigation, plug-ins and a lot more making them more responsive and interactive. 

Cost: $10,000 – 25,000 (per platform)

Timeline: 6 to 9 months

  • Social media app

The most popular category in mobile apps is social media. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are some of the popular social networking giants. Developing these apps requires a lot of data, storage, features, APIs as well as a lot of time and costs. 

App Cost: $15,000 to $30,000

Timeline: More than 7 months

  • IoT & Hardware apps

Internet-of-Things based applications use Bluetooth or WiFi in order to connect your smart device to a mobile app. IoT technology turns the app savvy for both producers and consumers. 

In order to build up this sort of application, you need to be specific about the technologies you need to connect with.

App Cost: From $20,000

Timeline: 3 to 5 months

  • Development Team Cost

An app development consists of a dedicated team of professionals that usually includes

  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designers
  • Front end developers
  • Back end developers
  • Testers

Each of the team members takes care of different areas and has different hourly rates. 

  • Post-Mobile App Development Cost

Hey, wait! It’s not over yet. Your expenditure won’t stop once the app is launched. You need to think of post-development operations as well which includes maintenance, monitoring, upgrades and other necessary operations.

To keep your app performance game strong, you would need to take care of 

  • Efficient servers – $20-$60/month
  • Push notifications availability – $10/month
  • Payment gateways – up to $150/month 
  • Emergency maintenance – based on the nature of the emergency
  • Third-party APIs charges
  • Bug fixing
  • App stores developer cost – $25 at Google Play and $99 at Apple App.

During the process of development, some tasks might be added or removed. Hence, the price of development will keep on changing depending on the type and features of your app.

Wrapping Up

We hope this post will give you brief insights on how much it costs to develop a mobile app and the factors that affect the total price of your app development. 

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