How to Stay Safe from Instant Personal Loan Scams?

Personal loans are one of the best financial instruments to mitigate a short-term crisis. Financial institutions are ready to offer personal loans at attractive rates of interest. Schemes like Fullerton India’s easy personal loans have made personal loans readily available for the customers.

Big financial institutions, like Fullerton India, are trusted brands that provide authenticity in their services. However, it is crucial to pick a trusted financial institution to take a personal loan from. Scams related to the financial sector have been a part of the industry, and one has to be wary of these scamsters. It has become even easier for fraud agents in this digital age to reach you and trick you into their schemes.

In the unforeseen times that we live in today, the economic conditions have become worse for many people. This is the perfect time for the frauds to play on people’s fear and push their scams to people who are looking for some extra capital. These frauds will promise you a guaranteed loan without any need for verification. The scheme sounds too good to be true.

The only trap is that they will ask you for a payment upfront as a processing fee for the loan, and that will be the last you will hear from them. This is just one of the many scams that are going on in the financial sector related to personal loans. These agents know all the tricks in the book to fool you into believing that they are associated with an excellent financial institution, and they might even snoop into your data only to manipulate you further. In this article, we will discuss how to stay away from these personal loan scams.

How to Stay Away from Personal Loan Scams

1. Beware of Pop-up Screens

Authentic financial institutions never try to capture any information through any pop-up screens. This is not a mode of operation for any legitimate organization. A legitimate organization will always ask you to submit documents and personal information through secure application portals. Never put in details in any pop-up windows on a suspicious website. This is a straight no-no. These websites can capture your data and use it to bombard you with suspicious emails and messages in the future.

2. Full Disclosure

Authentic and trusted financial institutions always fully disclose everything related to the scheme. This includes the processing fees and miscellaneous fees associated with the loan agreement. Never initiate an application with a financial institution that does not disclose all the information in detail before the application process.

3. Sharing OTP

Big financial institutions will never ask you to tell the OTP that you receive on your phone to anybody. If you get a call asking for an OTP, then be very suspicious about the type of organization you are dealing with. Your OTP can be misused against you.

4. Upfront Payment

This is one of the most common ways of duping people off their money. The loan agent will take you through the entire application and promise you a loan with minimal verification and documentation. The only demand they will put is to make a payment before the loan can be processed completely. They will give different names to these payments, like processing fee or advance fee. Never pay anything before the loan has been processed and disbursed to your account. It’s better to stop the communication right then and there once you come across such demand.


One should always stay away from these fraudsters as they can easily dupe you of your hard-earned money. Make sure to go for verified schemes like Fullerton India easy personal loans.

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