What are the advantages and disadvantages of Double Door Refrigerators?

Advantages of a double door refrigerator

  1. Spaciousness

    Double door refrigerators are more spacious than regular single door refrigerators. Usually, a single-door refrigerator comes with a capacity of around 200 liters. But for double-door refrigerators, that number goes to even 500 liters. That being said, for people who don’t need the largest of fridges, they can still opt for a fridge with a lower capacity. With the spaciousness of double-door refrigerators, you have the luxury to shop for groceries only once or twice a week. You can stock up your fridge all you want.

A lot of companies like Samsung and LG also produce convertible refrigerators that allow you to convert the freezer unit into a fridge as and when required. Most double-door refrigerators today also have dedicated fruit boxes. They also have larger shelves that can accommodate a lot of stuff. Modern double door refrigerators also have larger bottle racks that allow you to store large 2-liter bottles.

  1. Frost-free technology

    With single-door refrigerators, a significant drawback is that they use natural convection as a mechanism of cooling, and that does not naturally clean up the accumulated ice. Therefore, the ice needs to be cleaned manually, and that can be a tough task over a period of time. However, double door refrigerators are built with advanced frost-free technology that uses electric fans to clean up the ice on its own. This saves all the manual labor that would go into cleaning the fridge.
  2. Separate compartment for a freezer

    Double door refrigerators initially became popular for the very reason that they separated the freezer from the fridge. This way, it became more convenient to handle the two separate compartments without disturbing the temperature of the other. So, if you need to freeze a dessert quickly for the guests, opening your fridge multiple times in between can actually lengthen the process. But with double-door refrigerators, that is no more a problem.
  3. Energy efficient

People often think that double-door refrigerators consume a lot of energy, and thus put up big numbers on the electricity bill. This is untrue. Most double door refrigerators run on inverter compressor technologies that optimize the power utilized by refrigerators, by regulating the flow of refrigerant. Most refrigerators also have various modes that allow the users to optimize the power consumed by the refrigerator in different situations. If you’re still worried about your power bill, then make sure you are already on cheap electricity plans that best support your home’s needs.

Disadvantages of a double door refrigerator

  1. Takes more floor space

Double door refrigerators do take up more space on the floor than single door refrigerators. Especially, if you prefer side-by-side refrigerators, which can be a real inconvenience if you live in a congested place.

  1. More expensive than single door refrigerators

    Double door refrigerators are definitely more expensive than single door refrigerators. A double door refrigerator by LG would cost around Rs. 37,000, while for single-door refrigerators, that price is around Rs. 17,000 to 20,000.

Should you get a double-door refrigerator?

As you can see, double door refrigerators come with a lot more perks compared to single door refrigerators. That being said, they are more expensive than single-door fridges, and there’s no denying that. But if we are a little futuristic, it is clear that double door refrigerator are more favorable in the long run. They are spacious, energy-saving, and can help you lead a very luxurious life for the little extra money that you’re paying.

There are many companies that produce reliable double door refrigerators that you can consider buying. You can go for an LG fridge that has features like Smart Inverter Connect that can guarantee you uninterrupted cooling. There are also Samsung double door refrigerators that work quietly and efficiently. Haier is also a great brand, preferred by people who look for affordable refrigerators. Haier refrigerators also have the special ability to freeze desserts and drinks within an hour. Other than this, some other companies worth checking are Godrej, Panasonic, and Whirlpool among others.

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