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Who doesn’t know about Wikipedia? It is the largest encyclopedia that knows everything about the world regardless of the industry of the subject. This means there is a lot of competition on the web, and to only produce that content you have to curtail information from all parameters. In this blog, you will know how to bring value to your Wikipedia articles by giving a competitive edge.

Why should you have a Wikipedia page?

If you want to be a part of the 55 Million articles family, then you have to create an account on Wikipedia. But is that it? Absolutely not! And this is because there is a long procedure that goes into it that involves professional Wikipedia page editors, writers, and creators. But let’s first get into reasoning.

  • Multiple languages

Wikipedia is that one domain that caters to 321 languages. This means, the content can be created and also can be understandable by everyone. A multilingual platform allows people to broaden their perspective on current affairs, which is a point worth praising.

  • Doesn’t restrict the subject

There is no limit of subjects on Wikipedia as long as you get verified there. Whether it is medicine, history, IT applications it doesn’t matter to the volunteers. This means getting a page on Wikipedia is very wide.

  • Worldwide recognition

Since Wikipedia is wide and vast, people all over the world come to know about you. If it’s a business, people will certainly research and find the Wikipedia page on the web, this expands their customer base. If you are an actor or an artist, it can also contribute towards the growth of your career.

  • Top ranking 

In the world full of fake profiles, Wikipedia allows people to have their own verified page. Other than your personalized websites, and social media accounts, the platform doesn’t allow the creation of multiple accounts on the same subject which gives room to reliability and authentication.

A step-by-step method to make Wikipedia page

Before you head to the question, ‘can anyone edit a Wikipedia page?’ you should first know how to produce it. So, follow these steps for a successful creation of the page.

Create Account

The first step towards making the page is to get you verified as a user. Go to the Wikipedia home page and find an option to create an account that will be on the top right corner of their website. Since it is widened in terms of languages, you have to select the language and input your email address and password. Be mindful of the fact that the username you insert will take you a long way throughout the procedure since this is the only medium on which Wikipedia will contact you. So use the most frequent email.


It is understandable that before you write something you need to have enough knowledge about it. And how would you acquire that? Certainly with research; Wikipedia doesn’t consider original research so don’t get confused here. All you have to do is search the publications in terms of external links, magazines, term papers or any other enriching source of data that has been written in regard to your subject. You can also link newspapers or any news channel link that had mentioned your title before. Anything like the subject’s own website, or social media handles will be utterly rejected by the platform.


Prior to writing the content you have to know all the pointers that you should include or subtract from the page. This is the most essential part of the approval process because Wikipedia conducts a notability test that you have to abide by. This test is formulated differently for every subject. For instance, if you are writing a Wikipedia page for an author, it will be different from a musician. It is always suggested to carefully read the instructions so that there isn’t any trouble in making the content.

Article creation

All the material that you had accumulated in step 2 will be used now; it is time to create the write-up. Again, you have to make sure that you take the writing guidelines seriously. Wikipedia doesn’t allow writers to change the format; this means the platform already has a standard template that you need to implement. Punctuation, grammar, bullets, everything has to be taken care of scrupulously.


Human errors are inevitable so you don’t have to worry about it. However, you have to make thorough changes, if needed, before sending the content ahead. You can always hire proofreaders to check your work to save yourself from rejection. Additionally, don’t forget to mention citations that are related to your content. 

Submission and Approval

After you have given your best to all the steps, keep yourself at rest. It is time to submit and wait for approval. You will have to be patient as getting the page accepted by Wikipedia may take up to 3 to 6 months! Once you get it revised, update and publish it.

To conclude

Surely, the process can be challenging but if you, being the owner of your Wikipedia page implement all the steps accordingly, your page may just be the best one among millions of other pages.

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